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Gerhard Schäfer Recruitment Agency has enjoyed success in the market since 1991. As an expert in executive search, we find positions for management staff and specialists. We work for different sectors yet have special expertise in the fields of fashion, lifestyle & sport, food, FMCG & health, engineering, industrial services & production.

Our experienced consultants and specialist research team are passionately dedicated to the interests of their clients.


Motivation & Philosophy

Gerhard Schäfer
Founder, majority shareholder

What does Gerhard Schäfer Recruitment Agency stand for?

It is our job as professional service providers to achieve the greatest possible benefits with speed and expertise - this means filling vacancies with the right candidates as quickly as possible.

How did Gerhard Schäfer Recruitment Agency come about?

As a young man in Frankfurt, during the seventies, I got to know legendary headhunter Maximilian Schubart in Frankfurt. He was a very interesting guy. Back then, I thought to myself: One day in the future, you’ll be doing something similar to what he is doing now. That was, so to speak, the “moment the vision was born” for Gerhard Schäfer Recruiting Agency. I gained the necessary experience in an international consultancy where I set up its “human resources management” department.
On 1 June 1991, it the time was right: I was able to realise my dream and bring Gerhard Schäfer Recruitment Agency to life.

What will the future of personnel consultancy bring?

We are very much looking forward to many more fascinating encounters with top professionals in a globalised market that is changing at an ever increasing rate. For us as staff consultants, this will mean taking our home market as a basis whilst expanding our international operations considerably in the future.

What do you consider to be the strengths of Gerhard Schäfer Recruiting Agency?

Our strength is very clearly our consultants’ expertise in their sectors and the effectiveness of our research team. We have a thorough knowledge of the relevant personnel markets and know exactly who to call in Germany, Europe or in the Far East. Our research staff and back office staff have all been with us full-time for many years. Over the course of the years and decades, we have built up highly specialist expertise from which our clients benefit to the full. Thanks to this specialist expertise and, of course, supported by our sophisticated and highly efficient IT infrastructure, we are able to fill our clients vacant positions speedily and accurately. As a result, we can very quickly offer our clients maximum benefits.

What motivates you personally when you are away from your desk?

I am committed to investing my free time in international development projects. This is because so many people on our planet are denied the most basic needs. This includes, for example, clean drinking water. Together with some friends from America, I am involved in building drinking water fountains in the Republic of Haiti. Millions of people living there have to get their drinking water from highly contaminated rivers and streams due to the lack of public utilities. This results in cholera, typhus and a very high infant mortality rate. This is something that has to be changed and something that can be changed. (learn more at:


Our challenge

  • Working effectively

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    Executive search mandates cannot wait. With over 20 highly motivated employees who all have many years of experience, we guarantee speed, efficiency and intensity in our project work.

  • Communicating directly

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    Our targeted personal approach enables us to motivate the candidates to face the challenges presented to them. Information about the client and details of the position are communicated personally by our consultant.

  • Conducting specialist research

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    We know where to find suitable candidates. We quickly identify and approach the right candidates with our in-house research teams who are specialists in each sector.

  • Pooling our skills

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    We have several consultants with specialist expertise in each core sector. Working together, to select potential candidates we quickly fulfil our clients objectives and the project comes to a successful conclusion.

  • Client-oriented thinking

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    Win-win-win scenarios are always our goal. This is why our clients work with us on a long-term basis. We provide most of our candidates with personal career support over many years. This is what has made us successful for decades.

  • Offering expertise

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    In addition to our professional processes, our work is built on specialist industrial expertise and sound knowledge. Our aim is to provide our clients with a clear and accurate overview of their market and its opportunities.


Gender Diversity

Doris Beier-Storch
Managing Partner

Why is gender diversity a challenge for successful companies?

In a rapidly changing professional service society, with hierarchies becoming ever flatter, skilled team players are increasingly the deciding factor when it comes to the success of companies. This environment has created outstanding opportunities for highly qualified, successful and motivated female specialist and management staff. This potential, which has so far not been fully tapped, can be the decisive competitive edge for many companies.

Diversity is important at all levels of a company. What challenges does this pose for personnel consultancy?

The challenge for us as staff consultants is that of finding the perfect match from the pool of female specialist and management staff - both for the candidate and also for the company. It is also our job to support promising female candidates on a long-term basis as they make their way along their career path and for this, we rely on a trusting relationship.

How do you help companies to identify these talents early on?

We believe that each of our female candidates is entitled to have her needs and personal career plans recognised. Although what is on record is a way in, we are convinced that it is the person who makes the difference. You can’t necessarily recognise true potential from application documents. That is why we focus on personal dialogue and long-standing partnerships based on mutual trust.

What makes you different from other personnel consultancies in the application process for female specialist and management staff?

Although a lot has happened over the past few years in gender diversity, it is often not internalised in practice. As a result, the recruiting process for women with career ambitions must be characterised by mutual trust and confidentiality.

What does Gerhard Schäfer Recruiting Agency offer in terms of gender diversity?

A long-term relationship both with female candidates who are willing to change jobs as well as with companies looking for candidates for which individual consultation is the main focus. Personal dialogue is a decisive factor for us in our long-term partnership with candidates and companies.