Pattern Maker RTW Womenswear (m/f)
Ihre Qualifikationen
  • A degree from an accredited school of pattern design, with training in the proper techniques of pattern-making for womenswear
  • Three to five years of work experience in the pattern-making field for a company which offers a high quality women’s clothing product in either the premium or luxury segments of the market
  • A strong understanding of tailoring techniques and garment assembly for women’s tailored clothing, including a knowledge of the methods and equipment used in a large manufacturing environment
  • Knowledge of computer-aided techniques for women’s clothing design in general, and specific experience with the CAD System software used in pattern design. Knowledge of MS Office and Microsoft Outlook also required.
  • Experience in women’s clothing design in general, including an understanding of key issues such as fit, balance of the garment, garment expression, stitching details, pocket features and the use of trim and interior components as well as flat pattern making and draping to achieve specific design results
  • Strong interest and understanding of women’s fashion trends, especially those relating to women’s tailored clothing
  • Develop and maintain fit standards in collaboration with internal technicians to ensure consistency of fit for each product category
  • Continually research new ideas that could be used to improve quality and efficiency of each product category
  • Business fluency in Italian as well as good command in English is required